Radwag MYA 21.4Y.P PLUS Microbalance


Maximum capacity [Max]: 21g
Readability [d]: 1µg

The MYA 4Y.P PLUS microbalance is a professional instrument intended for the most demanding applications. The innovative SYNERGY LAB line guarantees the highest quality, precision and reliability. The MYA 4Y.P PLUS balance is equipped with an adapter enabling calibration and/or verification of piston pipettes by means of gravimetric method.
Use of the pipette calibration adapter reduces maximum capacity of the balance 
by the mass of the weighing 
vessel.The best possible repeatability and USP regulations conformity
The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251) make 4Y.P PLUS balances 
a new standard for mass 
measurement quality.Ergonomic Mechanical Design

 microbalance features construction solutions ensuring convenient everyday operation. The weighing chamber can be disassembled without tools, which makes cleaning it convenient. Programmable infrared sensors, when respectively set, enable touchless opening and closing of the weighing chamber.Antistatic Weighing Chamber
Specially designed antistatic panes coating compensates electrostatic charges accumulated on the sample and laboratory accessories. With this, the influence of electrostatics onto the weighing result is limited.REFLEX LEVEL SYSTEM
New autolevelling system in MYA 4Y.P PLUS microbalances ensures:

  • round tilt test,
  • automatic balance levelling,
  • control of the correct balance level,
  • confirmation of correct balance level on adjustment and weighing reports.

Innovative 2-Point Adjustment System
Brand new adjustment system guarantees the highest measurement accuracy. It minimizes linearity errors simultaneously providing reliable indications for the whole weighing range.

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